Koilamma Update, November 3: Lakshmi makes a sacrifice for Ashok

In the last episode of Koilamma, Bunch announces his new music album. Ashok feels restless. He shares with Lakshmi that Indraja has gained the power of attorney and she wouldn’t agree for a bank loan now. Lakshmi is shocked by Indraja’s deceit. She, then, remembers Bunch giving her ancestral jewellery back. She brings them and tells Ashok that he can sell or mortgage them to pool in funds for Bunch ’s ambitious project. Elated Ashok thanks Lakshmi for her sacrifice.

Bunch informs Ashok that an investor is interested in their proposal and wants to start their project immediately. He also asks Ashok to check the status of the bank loan. Ashok can not reveal the truth to Bunch . He assures to arrange for the funds at the earliest.

Kokila, on the other hand, is determined to reform the children of the neighborhood. She prepares them chocolates and cookies and awaits their arrival. Durga mocks Kokila's efforts to reform them while Dhana He backs her up. Kokila teaches the kids discipline and sings a song for them too. Durga finds the song familiar and her suspicion over Kokila grows stronger.

The lawyer notices the kids and salutes Kokila for her efforts. Kokila recollects her bitter past how Durga used to torture her during childhood for singing the same song.