Ranjini Haridas in Bigg Boss Malayalam 2: I would like to see Saritha Nair on the show

Bigg Boss Malayalam He is ready to return soon with his second season. Fans, on the other hand, are busy predicting the reality show contestants.

In this note, TV presenter-former contestant Ranjini Haridas He shared his expectations about next season.

Ranjini stated that he wants to see Saritha Nair , the first defendant in the Kerala Solar 2013 scam, on the show.

I think Saritha She is being judged so much by everyone, so it is really exciting for me to have more clarity about her as a person. What I have read on social networks about her is completely different from what I have seen in her interviews. Therefore, your entry into the house can offer a better view of how you are in real life, says the television host.

Speaking about her experience in BB Malayalam's debut season, Ranjini shared that she participated in the program out of curiosity to experience the popular social experiment. He added that the program helped her learn many new things in life.

Bigg Boss is never a celebrity show or reality show. It is purely a social experiment where a group of strangers and family strangers meet, she says.

When asked about his advice for the next contestants of the program, Ranjini said: If you ask me, the honest answer would be to stay real and be yourself, but if you want to survive in the game, never do. If you want to reach the end, you must touch it for the public.

The magnificent television presenter is very excited to know about the new group of contestants and their game.