Ningalkkum Aakaam Kodeeshwaran update, December 3, 2019: host Suresh Gopi talks about the sacrifices made by parents

In the recent episode of Ningalkkum Aakaam Kodeeshwaran , the game starts with the host Suresh Gopi welcoming answernt Sheeba who has already answered 10 questions. While briefing Sheeba's job as a government school teacher, Suresh Gopi mentions about the great contributions of K Kamaraj and pays tribute to the politician.

Back in the game, Sheeba locks the wrong answer to the question regarding Pandit Ravishankar and loses the game. Suresh Gopi congratulates the contestant for the good game and transfers prize money Rs 3.2 Lakh to her account.

Later, a Kodanadu, Reji bus driver wins the fastest round and qualifies to participate in the competition. After the VT about his family, Reji said his greatest desire is to buy a car for his family.

In a discussion about Reji's hardships as a bus driver, Suresh Gopi salutes all the bus conductors in the state who are struggling to take care of their families. The actor also mentions that all the kids should know the struggle their parents have to undergo to meet the needs of the family. He also adds that if kids value the efforts of their parents, they would never think about sending them (parents) to old-age homes.

Back in the game, when the episode ends, Reji has answered 9 questions and wins Rs 1.6 lakh.