Manjil Virinja Poovu Update, December 3: Sona admits her mistake

In the recent episode of Virov Poovu Manjil , Sona panics after Mallika finds out about her mistake. She tries to lie to Manu who is innocent, but Manu is suspicious of her.

In a private conversation with Manu, Sona confesses that she was the one who threw the iron pipe at him. But, she lies that her goal was Anjana. Hearing this, Manu becomes enraged and yells at Sona for hurting Anjana. He also says he is alive because of Anjana. Manu warns Sona not to disturb Anjana in the future.

Later, Manu meets Anjana and asks about her health. He also thanks you for saving his life. Anjana replies that she would have done the same with anyone. He also mentions that Manu hurt her and the duo ends up having a great discussion.

Mallika meets Anjana and takes care of her. Anjana mentions the conversation she had with Manu. Mallika comforts Anjana and asks her to take care of her health.

Meanwhile, Arun comes to meet Anjana. He asks about his health and discusses office work. Manu realizes this and becomes furious. When Arun leaves, Manu makes poor quality comments about Anjana. Anjana gets furious and attacks Manu.

Later, Sona starts a conversation with Anjana. She accuses Anjana of making her the main culprit of the accident.