Ke Apon Ke By update, December 3: Sarthak falls badly

In the last episode of Ke Apon Ke By , Joba Share about Moyna's case. She tells how boys like Rocky take advantage of poor girls like Moyna. They abuse girls and get away with money and power. He also tells him to be a judge that he will have to believe only in the evidence presented in court. Param realises Joba’s situation.

They talk about the recent attacks on Suryashekhar. Itu says he saw in the newsletter that Moyna and her family stay with Suryashekhar. Family members fear that Rocky's father Supratim will plan another attack against Moyna.

Can prays for Moyna’s safety. All the family members want justice for Moyna and her family. Joba says everything depends on Suryashekhar. If he successfully produces all the proofs in the court, Joba can give an unbiased verdict.

Meanwhile, Supratim hatches another plan. He wants to force Joba to bow down in front of him. He decides to harm his family members and asks his men to find out every detail of her family members.

On the other hand, Param has already guessed that Supratim might try to harm them and sought protection from the police for his family.

While family members are busy discussing the case, two men carry Sarthak on a stretcher Family members are surprised to see the view.

Itu tells Sarthak went for the document verification regarding his employment in a new company. The HR manager of the new company also reaches Joba’s place and tells that Sarthak was unwell while speaking with him.