Ke Apon Ke Por update, December 2: Rocky threatens Suryashekhar

In the last episode of Ke Apon Ke By , journalists ask Joba some questions. She promises to punish the guilty. Supratim Defend your son and blame Moyna. Rocoso's lawyer also says Moyna is lying and she will prove it in the court. Surya shekhar, on the other hand, is confident that victim Moyna will get justice and Rocky will be punished soon

As Rocky , Supratim and their lawyer discuss their next step Surya comes and says none can suppress the truth. Rocky loses his temper and threatens to kill him. Surya gives him a befitting reply reminding that he was once attacked by goons sent by Supratim . He was physically hurt but they couldn’t stop him from fighting for justice. Supratim defends his son and warns Surya . But a confident Surya asks Supratim to teach his son a proper lesson instead. Surya claims to provide proper evidence in the court but Rocky ’s lawyer mocks him.

Moyna arrives on a wheelchair. She breaks down and asks Surya to drop the case since she is unable to face such humiliation. Surya boosts their willpower. He also asks them to stay with him. He tells, he is an orphan and has none.

Joba's relatives watch her on television. Amiya is proud of her. He wants to attend the hearing and see her as a judge. Family members praise her.

Joba and Param come home. The family members feel disheartened seeing Supratim and Rocky ’s lawyer speaking in favour of Rocky . Param says that Joba’s hands are tied and she has to depend on the proofs submitted in the court. Joba shares the horrific incident of Moyna .