Ladies Special 2 has been a game changer for me: Rawal Ojas

He attracted attention on Hindi television as Dr. Amar Desai on the show. Ladies Special 2. But there is more for the actor Rawal eyes since he has dabbled in movies, theater, comedy and anchoring with ease. Now, Ojas is ready to debut in a title without a title. Bollywood film. Talking about this, Ojas shares his happiness, “I never expected such an interesting movie opportunity to come my way so soon in my career. I give full credit to Ladies Special 2 for this B-Town opportunity. I would say the show’s popularity acted in my favour to get this film.” Ojas will be seen opposite Lavina Israni in this film and is currently enjoying his Himachal Pradesh Shooting sequence in Shimla and Palampur. He shares: “I have worked on different platforms and I have learned a lot since each medium is different and has its own challenges. Working on a Hindi movie definitely feels different from working on a Gujarati movie, since the canvas and the budget are bigger. ”

Ojas has an interesting nugget to share about the roles he has done so far. He says: “I think I have a real life connected with the roles that are presented to me. I am a doctor and in my debut television show I portrayed the role of a doctor. Now I am rehearsing the role of teacher in this movie and I have been one for three years!