Krishnakoli Update, December 3: Shyama has a new plan

In the last episode of Krishnakoli, Shyama Sing a beautiful keertan. Everyone gets happy. Nikhil He praises her openly and says that very soon Krishnakoli will leave her mark outshining other singers. Aditya gets angry listening to this and starts shouting at Nikhil. He threatens to send him to an asylum if he speaks such things. His ill-treatment leaves everyone shocked, especially Sujata. As a mother she is hurt by such insensitive comments. Sujata reminds Aditya that Nikhil is his younger brother but Aditya doesn’t behave himself.

Shyama tries to console Nikhil but he says he isn't afraid of Aditya anymore. Aditya realises his fault, apologises to Sujata and leaves. Seeing Aditya going to another room, Ashoke leaves. Ashoke listens to Aditya’s telephonic conversation using the device set up in Ashoke’s room. He tells Aditya was talking to his men regarding Disha.

Rukmini asks Aditya to join him for a special pre-wedding ritual. Basanta, who is aware of Aditya and Radha’s true color, isn’t happy with such things. He intends to leave but Sujata requests him to stay and participate in the ritual. Sujata tells Aditya’s parents are no more and it is their duty to perform all the responsibilities of his mom and dad.

The ritual is being performed but Aditya is still worried about Disha. Shyama tries to pacify Nikhil. Ashoke comes and talks about Disha. Nikhil listens to the conversation quietly.

Shyama tells Aditya needs money for his new project. Shyama has an idea to fool him. She wants to disguise herself as a financer and trick Aditya. Meanwhile, Arun meets Aditya and says a financer wants to invest money in the new project.