The Sreemoyee team had a shooting at the gala in Kalimpong

Sreemoyee has left viewers glued to the television screen with his compelling narration. The program that has proven to be a helpless one in the TRP race finally managed to secure a permanent place in the TRP lists. Thanks to Indrani Haldar's powerful performance, well supported by other program actors, Sreemoyee has overshadowed Krishnakoli, which will be broadcast at the same time, the TRP report suggests.

The cast and crew recently filmed some sequences in North Bengal and had a gala there. Indrani Haldar Saptarshi Maulik Ushasie Chakraborty Ashmee Ghosh, Aishi Bhattacharya, the child actor Abhiroop along with other crew members flew north of Bengal. The team shot Kalimpong and other beautiful places. In fact, it was a break for the team that usually shoots within the four walls of a studio. Aishi and Ashmee are from the same age group. The young women had fun exploring the local markets and kitchens. The cast and crew returned to Kolkata yesterday.

Following the story, Sreemoyee's separated husband, his girlfriend June and their son are traveling. Sreemoyee's daughter, who stays at June's house with her father, accompanies them on the trip. By the way, Sreemoyee along with his family members also arrive at the same place. The story takes a new turn when Sreemoyee and her husband meet face to face.

Interestingly, another team is shooting in North Bengal. Yes, we are talking about the Chirodini Ami Je Tomar team. The team is still in North Bengal, continuing its shooting. The actors Sharly Modak, Souvik Banerjee along with his team of 50 people shooting in different parts of northern Bengal.