Update from Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, December 3: Kartik decides to tell everyone about his love and Naira's.

The episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai starts with Kairav and Vansh making noise in the hall and gathering everyone. Daadi then makes an announcement and according to the suggestion of his pandit, they decide to keep a pooja that would be made by Kartik and his wife. Naira He takes this as a clue and goes to meet his brother, Naksh.

Kairav ​​informs Kartik that mumma (Naira) has gone to meet maamu (Naksh). Naira tells Naksh that she loves Kartik but it would be wrong because he is married to Vedika. She cries and says that she shouldn't have come back in their lives. After coming here and staying in the Goenka house, she has come more closer to Kartik and loves him too. Naksh asks her to take a decision keeping Kairav ​​in mind.

Kartik leaves to meet Naira but Vedika comes in and thanks him for understanding and supporting her. She then insists him to have kachoris that she prepared for him. Kartik refuses and leaves.

Naira hears Kartik's voice and turns back to see him. She finds the entire family standing behind. Kartik says that Swarna was getting the kids, so, everyone came along. Surekha then tells everyone that they have been invited for the pooja and Naira 's family agrees.

Vedika observes that Kartik is constantly looking at Naira. Kartik thinks that maybe by playing a game he can find out what is in Naira 's mind. Vedika also thinks that she'll understand what it going on between Kartik and Naira.

Kartik gets blindfolded and hears the clapping and thinks that the clap was by Naira. She then runs from there and Kartik says that it's cheating. Naira then tells him that all this is cheating and they can't cheat Vedika.

Kartik says that if I tell Vedika that he is happy, won't it be a lie? If they tell Kairav ​​that their parents aren't living together then won't he feel cheated?

Kartik then tells Naira that even after marrying Vedika, he never felt anything for her and nobody came in her life as well, which means they are meant for each other. He further says what else proof does she need.

He says that he has decided to tell the truth to the entire family and have a moment. Vedika sees them gazing into each other's eyes and is shocked. Kairav ​​asks Kartik that I've cheated in the game. He apologises and says that this was the last time but he won't cheat anyone now and tell the truth to everyone.