Kahaan Hum Update Kahaan Tum, December 3: Pooja discovers the truth about its adoption

The last episode of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum starts with Rohit arriving to Sonakshi The house to vent his anger in Pari. He takes Pari's hand and reprimands her for what he did. He asks why he told the journalist Pooja The adoption Pari He begins to act innocently and asks what he is talking about.

Rohit asks her to not lie and says that he is coming from Tapasya’s office and she has told him the truth.

Sonakshi while going to the spa along with Pooja gets a call from her mother-in-law. She tells Pooja that she will have to go out of the car as there is a network issue and asks the driver to stop the car.

Rohit asks Pari from where did she come to know about Pooja The adoption Pari says that she overheard his and her sister’s conversation. Rohit gets angry and tells Pari that because of her one mistake, his entire family has fallen apart. Pari starts crying and apologises to Rohit . She says that she got into a very ugly fight with Pooja and that is why she took this step. Rohit requests Pooja to not tell Sonakshi the truth otherwise she will be shattered.

Pooja asks the driver if he has got water. He says that there isn't any water. Pooja says she will get it from outside. She gets out of the car and buys a bottle of water. But just when she was going back to her car, she picks up the newspaper which was on the road and reads the news about her adoption which shatters her completely.

Sonakshi calls Rohit and tells him that Pooja has read the news. Rohit asks her to take Pooja home.

Sonakshi brings Pooja home in a devastating condition. Everyone in the family tries to cheer her up but she keeps saying that she is adopted.

Sonakshi slaps Pooja to calm her down. Pooja after coming back to her senses starts crying and hugs Sonakshi.

When YK tries to talk to her, Pooja stops him and asks everyone to leave her alone.

After Pooja goes to her room, everyone in the family turns against Sonakshi and starts blaming her for everything.