Powell group observes Rs 100 cr biz in 2 years

Calcutta Powell Group points to a turnover of Rs 100 crore in the next two years, as it presented a wellness product with the Powell Care brand. The group that was mainly a company producing homeopathic medicines recorded a turnover of Rs 14 crore in 2018-19.

Powell Care as an organization is entering this business to create business success stories and publicize the Power of Welfare to the everyday home, said Krishma Kapoor, CEO of Powell Care.

Powell Care will train 10,000 entrepreneurs with a primary focus on women. Our goal is to train and prepare 10,000 well-being entrepreneurs that will impact more than 1 million people across the country, said the CEO.

Sudispta Narayan Roy, MD, Powell Group of Companies and founder of the Powell Care division, said: We are on a mission to create a rich and healthy nation through our best products and services that include holistic medicines, wellness products, natural products and Wellness Clothing will enrich the Human System through its Wellness Engineering Program based on the ancient theory of the Pancha Kosha Model.