60-year-old widow raped, killed by a 31-year-old neighbor in Andhra Pradesh

KAKINADA: A 60-year-old widow who lived alone in the village of Cheruvu Gattu, in the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh, was raped and murdered by her 31-year-old neighbor on Monday night.

After committing the crime, the defendant sprinkled chili powder on the woman's body and in the room, apparently to make sure police dogs could not detect their smell. However, the police managed to locate the defendant with the help of footprints that lead to his house in a couple of hours.

The defendant was arrested on Tuesday a few hours after the woman's body was discovered. Live only one house away from the woman's residence. The SP of East Godavari, Adnan Nayeem Asmi, said the defendant is believed to have committed the crime in a drunken state.

Police officers added that most of the villagers were in the Subramanya Swamy temple in the town where a celebration was held and the defendant took advantage of this to enter the two-room house, raped the woman and strangled her in the fight that followed.

He also removed Rs 80,000 in cash from the woman's house, SP Asmi said.

According to police records, the defendant had been arrested once before for robbery. He had also been advised several times by the village elders after his wife complained of domestic violence.

The suspect is being interrogated and images of the village's CCTV cameras are being examined. The SP said a DNA test of the woman and the suspect would provide more details. The police added that the woman lived alone since her husband and son had died a few years ago while her daughter lived in Hyderabad.

(The identity of the victim to protect their privacy has not been disclosed according to the directives of the Supreme Court on cases related to sexual assault)