Kasautii Zindagii Kay Update, December 3: Anurag and Prerna listen to the baby's heartbeat

The episode of Kasautii Zindagii Kay Start with Anupam by taking Portho (the electrician) to Anurag. Then he yells at the electrician saying how he could be so careless. Portho believes that his wife ( Komolika ) got hurt so he is angry. Yes that girl Prerna ) would have had the commotion, Anurag I would not have scolded him.

The money from Portho's pocket falls down and Anurag asks him to reveal the truth. Komolika creates a fake drama of being unwell and diverts everyone's attention. Prerna is aware that Komolika has done everything.

Prerna then feels uneasy and gets a pain in her stomach. Mohini tells Anurag that they will inform Prerna 's family but Anurag leaves everything and says that he has promised Prerna to be by his side. He then takes Prerna to the hospital and Sonalika, Mohini shout at Anupam why did he tell Anurag about Prerna 's state.

Anupam then apologises to Nivedita and she tells him that they are right, he shouldn't have spoken about Prerna's condition in front of Anurag. The doctor comes and speaks to Anurag about seeing such inhibitions in first-time fathers. Prerna cuts her and in secrecy tells the doctor that Anurag has lost his past two years' memory and she is just a secretary for him.

Nivedita then tells Anupam that Sonalika is feeling insecure about Prerna 's re-appearance in Anurag' s life. Anupam reminds Nivedita that Prerna is pregnant with Anurag 's child, she questions about the child's identity

At the hospital, Anurag then feels the baby's heartbeat and they both look at the screen and smile.

Mohini then tells Sonalika that she will make Anurag explain about it and asks her to relax.

The doctor then tells Prerna that he might have lost his memory but their souls are connected. Anurag overhears nurses speaking about Prerna 's husband because he left her during this phase with another woman.

Anurag then decides to find out about Prerna 's husband.