Haryana girl trapped in Kartarpur wanted to marry a Facebook friend

AMRITSAR: Every love story doesn't have a happy ending. And this also happened in the case of Manjit Kaur.

He dared to cross the border with the appearance of a pilgrim from Kartarpur to Awais Mukhtar, but was sent back when he could not dodge Pakistani security in an attempt to slip through the Gurdwara complex to the side of Pakistan.

An intelligence source said that Awais Mukhtar, a resident of Gujaranwala, arrived at the gurdwara complex along with a woman, believed to be his friend's wife, from the side of Pakistan, while Manjit also arrived at the gurdwara complex through the corridor from Gurdaspur.

According to media reports in Pakistan, Manjit and Awais were first seen on the first floor of Gurdwara Darbar Sahib. “His plan was to make Manpreet slip to Pakistan on the entry card of the accompanying women. When they tried to pass security, the staff suspected and arrested them, but Kaur refused to return to India and insisted on accompanying her boyfriend to Gujaranwala, the sources said, adding that the woman was sent back to India. Awais was arrested for questioning by the Pakistan Rangers.

The sources said that anyone who entered the Gurdwara complex from Pakistan on one side received an entry card and was allowed to pass after a biometric exam.

A source said it was strange that the Pakistan Rangers did not present a protest note about the incident, even though it is a common practice. In 2018, Bathinda's wife, Tina Sharma, the mother of two children, crossed to Pakistan across the Attari border to marry her online love, Suleman Sheikh. She lives in Gujranwala, which is 100 km from Gurdaspur. Tina became Ayesha Bibi after embracing Islam.