Rajya Sabha approves SPG bill amid Shah's guarantee, Cong's withdrawal

NEW DELHI: An investigation was ordered and three staff members were suspended for a security breach at the residence of Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, after a Tata Safari SUV carrying group workers, in an unlikely coincidence, arrived in a moment when his brother Rahul Gandhi was going to visit him in a similar vehicle.

Interior Minister Amit Shah told Rajya Sabha on Tuesday that three security employees were suspended for the incident at the Priyanka Lodi Estate residence last week, which was being investigated at the highest level. His statement came during a discussion about the Special Protection Group (Amendment) Bill that was passed by a voice vote in the Rajya Sabha, amid a protest strike by congressional parliamentarians alleging revenge policies.

“Although it was a great coincidence, we instituted a high-level investigation with the IG and suspended three people. We do not want such a coincidence to happen and we are not willing to risk even 1% on the issue of security, ”said Shah.

In response to repeated statements by congressional parliamentarians about the security breach in Priyanka's residence, Shah said that according to the security protocol, her husband Robert Vadra, her brother Rahul and other family members did not have to go through safety control. They just entered.

Shah said that on that particular day he received information that Rahul would be visiting a black Tata Safari SUV. In a rare coincidence, at the same time, a similar black Tata Safari arrived with workers from the Meerut Congress. The sources said that communication between security agencies is carried out in a secure network and that there was no possibility of someone hacking the network and violating security.

He argued that three members of the Gandhi family had received Zplus security coverage by ambulance and were guarded by personnel who were previously part of the SPG. He said that the protection extended to the Gandhis was based on the threat assessment carried out as part of the revision of the law before the draft amendment arrived.

Lok Sabha had passed the law last week. Under the bill, the SPG will now provide immediate security to the prime minister and members of his immediate family who reside with him in his official residence. A former prime minister and immediate family members residing with him in his official residence will receive SPG coverage only for five years after the person resigns.

Shah said the government was concerned about the safety of the 130 Crore Indians that included the Gandhi family. He said that if someone, Prime Minister Narendra Modi would be affected by this amendment, since coverage would be removed after five years if he ceases to be prime minister.

Meanwhile, Robert Vadra turned to Twitter about the security breach issue and said: It's not about security for Priyanka, my daughter and my son, me or the Gandhi family. It's about keeping our citizens, especially the women of our country, safe and feeling safe. Security throughout the country is compromised.