The war between the government and the governor over the bills stops the West Bengal assembly

KOLKATA: The legislation was suspended for two days for the first time in recent memory, and the state government and the governor blame each other for the impossibility of presenting bills in the house.

The Speaker of the Assembly told MLA on Tuesday that the house would remain suspended for two days, Wednesday and Thursday, due to lack of business. The assembly will resume its activities on Friday, he added. Members of the Assembly secretariat said the bills could not be discussed in the house as they were still in bed with the governor's office.

But he accused the state government of being Kumbhkarna and presenting the bills to Raj Bhavan to obtain the governor's consent only last Friday, leaving one business day (Monday) for him to pass six bills (including one on prevention lynching). “I am not a seal governor nor am I a post office. I have to examine the bills in the light of the Constitution of India, ”Dhankhar told TOI.

The state parliamentary affairs minister, Partha Chatterjee, accused the governor of having a hidden motive. “It seems to be functioning as an opposition party. I could have returned the files or rejected them; That would have been better, Chatterjee said. Looks like you're looking for trouble, he added.

The temporary paralysis of the assembly in session is the culmination of several months of differences between the Bengal government and the governor.

The first important critical point came when the governor rushed to Jadavpur University in September to rescue the junior union minister from campus protests; Trinamool has accused Dhankhar several times since then of working for the BJP.

Dhankhar on Tuesday night gave a detailed response to the events that led to the postponement of the assembly. He said a file related to the State Commission crucial to the SC&ST bill, 2019, arrived in Raj Bhavan last Friday. A communication was sent to the department, urging a senior official to inform the governor about the content of the bill on Monday. There has been no delay from the governor's office since November 30 and December 1 were Saturday and Sunday, said Raj Bhavan's communication.

He also mentioned the West Bengal bill (Prevention of lynching), 2019. Officials cited a letter from the secretariat of the West Bengal Assembly to Raj Bhavan last Friday in response to the governor's request for the recordings of the debate in the assembly on this subject in August. . The letter from the assembly secretariat stated that the report on the House debate was in progress. Raj Bhavan's statement noted similar delays with other bills.

The opposition leader of the Assembly, Abdul Mannan, said: “I have never encountered such a situation in my long stage as MLA. There were times when the government withdrew a bill that it had placed. But this is the first time that a bill cannot be submitted. ” CPM and MLA leader Sujan Chakrabarty felt that the government was trying to force the governor to give expedited consent to the bills, which did not work.