Neelakkuyil Update, December 2: Adhi has a question about Rani

In the recent episode of Neelakkuyil , Sarada shares her doubts about Rani. She recounts the incident when she had food poisoning after having the milk that was kept in Rani's room. Adhi listens to the conversation and doubts Rani.

In Radhanilayam, Radhamani and Sharath are seen discussing the conversation with Vasanthi. Radhamani says she doubts if Rani took the abortion tablet. She also decides to know the reason why Rani approached the lawyer to file a divorce from Adhi. Upon hearing this, Sharath asks the reason for Vasanthi's call. Radhamani says that Vasanthi wants them to file a police complaint against Kasthoori.

Later, Sharath looks upset because his two daughters are in trouble. Pray that both are innocent.

On the other hand, Swathi meets Kasthoori and informs him of the incidents in Kausthubham. Kasthoori is devastated to learn that everyone thinks she was the one who poisoned Rani's food.

Later, Swathi deceives Kasthoori that Rani has done it. She also claims that Rani is having an extramarital affair. Swathi reports on the conversation between Sarada and Sharamma. Adhi listens to the conversation and doubts Rani.

Adhi goes to Sarada and asks about the discussion with Sharamma. Out of fear, Sarada shares everything with Adhi. Swathi realizes this and gets excited because the plan is working well.