Bigg Boss Kannada preview December 7, 3: the luxury budget task goes wrong; housemates become aggressive

The constants are preparing for the eighth week of the season and the competition has become more fierce than ever.

The show, which is known for its high-voltage drama and frequent fights, is having an interesting season so far. Along with some confessions and peaceful tasks, the eight weeks inside Bigg Boss' house were quite hectic.

Interestingly, the next episode of Bigg Boss Kannada 7 You will see the housemates showing their aggression during a task and the last promotion launched by the channel that transmits the program is a test.

It seems that the contestants want to win the task. But things get out of control during homework. Contestants are accusing each other of becoming physical and injured during the task.

On the other hand, Kuri Prathap and Chandhan are involved in a verbal dispute.

In the previous episode, Bigg Boss surprised the contestants with an interesting twist since the whole house is nominated for eliminations this time, except Captain Raju Talikote.

Amid the news of the nominations, Chaithra Kottoour confronts the housemates for discriminating against her and tells Vasuki Vaibhav that she should not be treated as a soft target.