Sachin V Kumbhar: Katy Perry's press meeting is one of the best events I moderated recently

Recently, the famous presenter and voiceover artist Sachin V Kumbhar moderated a press conference with global singer Katy Perry, who was in the city for five days. The event, which was very fun from the beginning, saw Katy and Sachin complement each other. While praising her anchoring skills by saying: Oh my God, look at you! He made her sing her success number, Roar, improvised.

Thats not all. Sachin got him to answer all the quick questions and managed to keep the public at the press conference committed to his funny jokes, witty phrases and harmless flirting with the pop star.

Remembering the event, he tells BT: “Without a doubt, it was one of the best events I've moderated in the recent past. I mean, it was Katy Perry after all. He was not only very warm and friendly with me on stage, but even out of it. I liked that he didn't avoid any of the questions and that she was the perfect guest. Moderating this press conference was an event to remember.