Bigg Boss 13: Rashami Desai talks about his marriage plans with Arhaan Khan

Arhaan Khan's entrance came as a breath of fresh air in Rashami Desai's life. While the duo maintained a considerable distance inside the house before, with the re-entry of Arhaan as a wild card his chemistry has changed.

Arhaan came and proposed to Rashami and the two only live the moment and realize their feelings for each other. A good friend Arti comes and asks Rashami's wedding plans and tells him not to get married in the summers.

Rashami blushes and tells him that they are trapped in the house until February and that he can only think about that after leaving the house. She tells Arti that they have just confessed their feelings for each other and that she is now very happy.

Arti asks him more about his plans and Rashami tells him that things will take time and that he doesn't want to decide anything now.

She tells Rashami that Arhaan's sister designed the ring.

Arhaan came with a ring and proposed to Rashami at home yesterday (December 2), but Rashami did not use it because she felt shy. However, she had accepted the proposal.

It will be interesting to see if they carry the relationship forward in the house.