1.57 lakh sterilized monkeys in Himachal Pradesh: Minister of the Forest

SHIMLA: The HP government has sterilized 1.57 lakh monkeys in the forestry department under its continued efforts to provide assistance to farmers and control the threat of monkeys. The forest minister gave this information while presiding over a workshop on 'Conflict of human wildlife' on Tuesday.

The minister said the forestry department would train people to capture monkeys, so it is giving an incentive of 1,000 rupees. He said that 548 state panchayats are vulnerable to the threat of monkeys and that such workshops should be organized there to provide training.

He also emphasized planting fruit trees with trees in the forests so that monkeys do not enter human settlements in search of food.

Additional chief secretary, Ram Subhag Singh, said the suggestions received at the workshop to control the monkey threat would be considered for implementation. The chief forest conservator, Savita, said the department promised to reduce the conflict between humans and wildlife and identified 1,100 critical points of monkeys in the state. He said that from time to time a control of the monkey population was maintained through a survey conducted by the forestry department.