Krishnakoli Update, December 2: Aditya interrogates Ashoke and Shyama

In the last episode of Krishnakoli , Aditya Question Ashoke and Shyama to meet him in his room. He Question Ashoke to lock the door and Question whether they had shifted Disha to elsewhere. Shyama pretends to be innocent and Question whether Disha was under his custody. Aditya loses temper and threatens to ruin everything if they don’t reveal the truth. Shyama and Ashoke try their best to prove their helplessness. Ashoke says Disha was paying the price for his misdeeds already.

Aditya loses his temper yet again when Shyama Question why he is angry with Disha . Shyama starts talking about his wedding with Radha and how much they are excited about it. Shyama shares that she is worried about Disha because she might create a mess at the wedding.

Meanwhile, seeing Aditya , Ashoke and Shyama inside a locked room, Rukmini and Radha get curious. They bang the door asking Aditya to open it. Shyama Question Aditya to tell Radha and Rukmini that they were planning the wedding.

Radha Question Aditya why he looks worried. Following Shyama ’s plan, Ashoke tells they were planning a surprise. Radha gets happy while Rukmini Question Aditya to get ready for a special pre-wedding ritual.

Sujata gears up for the puja. Nikhil, who is playing chess with Dodo and Tatan, speaks about the game plan. But his words make Ashoke and Shyama curious.

Sujata Question Shyama to sing buts she is hesitant. Aditya Question her to sing. The environment changes with Shyama ’s devotional song.