Telangana veterinary murder for rape: TV presenter Anasuya Bharadwaj says she was traumatized; urges not to teach women what to wear

Actress-TV presenter Anasuya Bharadwaj He reacted to the recent rape and murder of the 27-year-old veterinarian from Telangana in Shamshabad that triggered an outrage in the country. In his recent LIVE interaction with fans on Instagram, Anasuya He demanded capital punishment for the defendants and also felt that the change has to start from home.

By criticizing some netizens for their lewd comments about the incident, the actress urged not to teach women what to wear and stop judging them. He also appealed to all mothers to teach children about consent, how not to objectify women and treat them with respect.

Responding to criticism over the delay in reacting to the issue, Anasuya backed her colleague Rashmi Gautam about. the Jabardasth host said she is just doing her job and she will continue to do so irrespective of the happenings in the society as she needs to support her family. Commenting on her glamorous appearances on Jabardasth, she asked the public to learn to differentiate between work and real life.

The TV judge also stated that she feels ‘ashamed’ to live in a society like this and also requested men not to treating a lonely woman as an opportunity but as a responsibility. Anasuya couldn’t resist her tears talking about the issue.

The news anchor turned actress also believed that change is only possible with education and awareness about sex, abuse and consent.