Virtual autopsy in AIIMS in six months.

NEW DELHI: You can start driving in six months. This was said by the Union health minister on Tuesday.

Virtual autopsy is an emerging science in which doctors try to assess the cause of death by digital computed tomography or magnetic resonance instead of cutting off the body. Countries like Switzerland, USA UU. And Australia are already using this technology.

The health minister said that the Indian Medical Research Council (ICMR) and AIIMS have studied global practices and have undertaken this project for the dignified management of corpses. “Relatives of the deceased feel uncomfortable with the traditional way of autopsy. In addition, the virtual autopsy will have an effective cost and time, since it will only take 30 minutes to complete compared to the 2.5 hours normally taken, ”he added.

Dr. Sudhir Gupta, professor and head of forensic medicine at AIIMS, said: Most families do not want an autopsy performed. But they have no other choice, since autopsy is an important part of police investigation in case of an unnatural death.

The sources said that ICMR, at the initiative of its CEO Balram Bhargav, has provided Rs 5 crore to AIIMS for the project. Authorities said the virtual autopsy could also be introduced in other institutions in the country.

Dr. Gupta said they have already installed a digital X-ray machine to perform autopsies of bodies with bone lesions or fractures caused after an accident. “We had been researching a lot about virtual autopsy. However, the project requires an investment in terms of purchasing a computerized tomography machine and the creation of a new autopsy room. The new ICMR initiative to select 10 projects for funding under its Advanced Research Center and Excellence Program has been a blessing, he added.

AIIMS performs almost 3,000 autopsies every year. Using conventional methods, the procedure can take up to three days, depending on the complexity of the case and the availability of experts.