Update from Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka, December 3: Huma decides to cancel Saima and Aftaab's wedding

The last episode of Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka starts with Saima Wondering why everyone looks at her like that and if her brother found out about the video. At that time, her whole family surprises her with a special dance show.

When everyone was busy dancing, A man The assistant tries to call you to tell you Roshni removed Rs 5 crore from your account.

Aftaab and his family arrive at A man ’s place with Baarat. Roshni tells Saima that she told her there will be no problems with her wedding.

A man ’s assistant again calls him to inform him about the cheque. A man gets angry after hearing the news and tells Roshini that he needs to talk to her now. Roshni requests him to have a conversation after Saima ’s wedding as he only didn’t want to create any scene at her wedding.

Just when the wedding rituals were about to begin, Smoke interrupts and asks everyone to stop. She tells A man that this wedding cannot happen. A man asks her what is she talking about and why can’t this wedding happen. Smoke replies saying that he should ask his wife this question because they are calling off the wedding because of his wife.

Smoke tells A man that his wife stole money from him so that she can elope with Smoke ’s husband. Roshni after hearing Smoke ’s accusation understands that Sameer was Saima ’s blackmailer.

Dadi says that she will prove that Roshni is innocent and asks A man to check her phone. A man checks Roshni ’s phone and sees that she made the last phone call to Sameer.

Roshni to save Saima ’s image in front of her brother, tells everyone that there is no point in pretending when everyone knows the truth. She tells A man that he was going to throw her out of his life after a month and she had to plan her future.

Smoke tells everyone as long as Roshini is this family’s daughter-in-law, their daughters will remain unmarried. A man tells Smoke that Roshni will not remain, daughter-in-law of this family if this is why she is calling off the wedding.