Sembaruthi Update, December 2: Parvathy discovers Mithra pen drive

In the last episode of Sembaruthi , Sundaram he feels proud of Parvathy seeing her amazing transformation. She was a cook, who became the Brand Ambassador and finally the Goodwill Ambassador of the company. Sundaram gets shocked when he observes Akhilandeswari is noticing his conversation with Parvathy.

Akhilandeswari tells Sundaram that Parvathy should get married. She is clearly not happy with Parvathy holding the position of Goodwill Ambassador.

Vanaja highlights a little mistake in Parvathy’s cooking and creates a big issue. Akhilandeswari uses the chance and hurts Parvathy. Akhilandeswari says, the cook-turned-Goodwill Ambassador is bound to make mistakes. It is up to the family members to adjust it and move ahead. Adithya news this. He reminds Akhilandeswari her promise that she won't get angry at Parvathy. Akhilandeswari gets irked and leaves.n Adithya Parvathy consoles. Akhilandeswari has started considering Parvathy more than a cook. Pretty soon she will accept her as a daughter-in-law too.n Parvathy is determined to find out Miter ’s pen drive from Akhilandeswari ’s room. After toiling a lot, Parvathy finds Miter ’s pen drive and becomes very happy. Later, she hands it over to Adithya , which makes him happy too. But, Adithya isn’t able to access the pen drive and plans to try alternate options to retrieve the data inside it.