Manjil Virinja Poovu Update, December 2: Mallika demonstrates Sona's misdeeds

In the recent episode of Virov Poovu Manjil , Mallika checks the iron bar while Manu the note. She suspects that it is Sona who is behind the accident. But Manu defends that Sona was with him during the celebration.

Later, Anjana struggles to get out of bed. Mallika realizes this and helps. Anjana feels overwhelmed by the action of Mallika and begins to love her. Meanwhile, Prathibha meets her and asks about her health. Anjana shares about Mallika's love for her.

On the other hand, Mallika goes to the terrace and examines the area. She finds the iron cutter and an earring from there. She understands that it is Sona who has done it.

Later, Mallika calls everyone to the room and asks Sona. Sona lies that she was with Manu when the accident happened. He is offended when Mallika asks and starts screaming. Meanwhile, Mallika shows the Sona tool that was used to cut the iron and the bill as well. Seeing this, Sona panics but defends herself. Hearing Mallika's words, Manu also says he doubts Sona.

Meanwhile, Mallika asks about Sona's lost earring. Sona replies that he lost it somewhere. Mallika shows everyone's ear and says he found it near the iron bar. Everyone is surprised to learn that Sona tried to attack Manu. Sona tries to defend that she is innocent and goes to her room.

Later, Mallika advises Manu to analyze things before reacting.