Bigg Boss Kannada 7: What is brewing between Shine Shetty and Deepika Das?

Controversies and love stories are not new inside Bigg Boss's house. Since the first season, the controversial reality show has witnessed some quite interesting love stories.

As in the previous seasons, it seems that a new love story is brewing inside the Bigg Boss house. The growing friendship of Deepika Das and Shine Shetty is the last rumor we have here. Your partner seems to be the talk of the city.

The duo is often seen spending a few moments inside Bigg Boss's house. Although Shine has always shown interest in Deepika. He congratulated his style statements since the beginning of the season, Deepika did not take it seriously at the beginning.

However, things began to get in place when Deepika asked Shine to cut her beard, which was actually part of her secret task.

Due to Deepika's request, Shine Shetty was seen, who wore a rough look with a beard, trimming his beard late. In fact, Shine surprised the actress with her new shaved appearance. Deepika was in cloud nine and thanked Shine for paying attention to her words.

In addition, whether it is a simple activity or free time, the two seem to be enjoying each other's company and complementing each other. They are also seen eating sometimes together.

Shine has always defended Deepika since becoming the captain of the 'Saptashwa' team. He chooses to be in the Deepika team for two consecutive times in a row.