Pete Davidson requires fans to sign 1 million US dollars NDA for their show

If you want to see American comedian and actor Pete Davidson Act live, you may have to sign a $ 1 million confidentiality agreement.

According to reports that emerged over the weekend, the public must sign a confidentiality agreement (NDA) before their November 27 show in San Francisco.

One of the show's ticket buyers, Stacy Young, shared a copy of the NDA in a Facebook post for the event, and she stated that she was notified for the first time about the agreement on the day of the show.

The NDA mentioned that by signing this agreement, attendees agree not to discuss any details of the program they are about to see or their experiences in this event. This NDA specifically prohibited posts on social media platforms, as well as online blogs.

He also noted that any breach of contract would require the payment of $ 1 million in damages, as well as any resulting legal food.

In addition to the document, event attendees were asked to provide the names of their social media accounts, as well as contact information, and attendees were asked to deliver any phone or recording device during the actual performance.

Young wrote on Facebook that she understood and was willing to consent to the initial request of locking up any phones or cameras brought to the event, but I think this a bit ridiculous and over the top.

He also said: I understand that comedians protect their jokes and do not want their routines to be transmitted again, but it is rather Orwellian not allowing anyone to share an opinion about it. Do not act for the public if you do not want people to have an opinion about it.

Meanwhile, Young did not sign the NDA and told him that the place had reimbursed him in full.

She said: I didn't want to sign it because I basically said I couldn't comment on it or have an opinion, the most I could say is 'no comments'.

An employee at the scene revealed that they had only learned about the NDA the day before the show.

According to several Twitter posts, Pete Davidson has been requiring audience members to sign NDAs since November 7, since the time star performed in Minneapolis.

As confirmed by sources, Davidson also used the NDA before his show on Saturday at the Vic Theater in Chicago and said they will see him next at Suicide Squad.