Composing music is an additional pressure: Indraadip

Indraadip Das Gupta is busy with the post-production of Aguntuk, which has Sohini Sarkar and Open Chatterjee at the head. Apart from that, he is also composing music for his next adventure as a director, Bismillah, which will go on sale from January 20.

Bismillah will have Kaushik Ganguly Subhashree Ganguly , Riddhi Sen and Surangana Bandyopadhyay to the head. “For Aguntuk, my producer wanted me to compose the music because I felt it would do him justice. For Kedara, the music was made by Arijit Singh . There is a lot of preproduction work that a director must do before a movie hits the ground. Composing music is an additional pressure. But for Bismillah, I wanted to compose since the music is intertwined with the story of the movie. Shehnai will be used a lot in the score, ”he said Indraadip .

Speaking about the history of the movie, he said: “Riddhi plays Bismillah, the title character of this movie. It is a love story of a musician and how relationships transform a musician internally. It also shows how his music evolves during various phases of his life. Why did he throw Subhashree in front of Riddhi, we ask the director? We wanted a girl who is older than Riddhi and also glamorous. I saw Subhashree's performance in Parineeta and realized That she is indeed a good actor. Then, I took her on board. In this movie, his name will be Fatima. Bismillah will fall in love with Fatima. But, It is platonic love. We will see Fatima marry another man. But, That doesn't stop Bismillah from wanting her. Surangana also interprets Riddhi's love interest in this movie, the director said.