Beyhadh 2 first review of the episode: Jennifer Winget's 'Beyhadh nafrat' will keep you hooked

Jennifer Winget is back on the small screen with Beyhadh 2 , which premiered last night (December 2), and going through the first episode it seems that changing the psychological thriller from 'beyhadh pyaar' to 'beyhadh nafrat' will keep the viewers hooked.

At the very outset, the record is set straight as Maya Jaisingh (Jennifer Winget) takes a dip in a mucky pond, clothed in a white satin dress, but later in the episode, she is seen in all black outfits as she plots and plans Her revenge.

This time, Maya's goal is Mrityunjay Roy ( Ashish Chowdhry ) two children - Rishi and Rudra ( Shivin Narang ) While she saves Rishi from drowning in the sea after Durga Maa's idol dives into the water, he hurts his brother, Rudra, during his fencing session.

The mysterious element is preserved throughout the episode, as there are visible cracks in the relationship that the Roys share with each other.

Mrityunjay loves his two children, but Rudra does not match his feelings. Rishi asks the latter to come to his parents' wedding anniversary celebrations, and he does it for his brother.

Maya looks at her picture with her lover in the frame, but it is hidden from viewers. The fact that the episode leaves several questions unanswered will cause the audience to come back to connect the dots.

The plot of the show is intriguing and fast-paced. The sequence of events is well aligned and is an interesting clock. What is distinguished are the excellent cinematographic images, something that the spectators also witnessed in the first season. The background score adds to its mysterious element.

Jennifer Winget is the highlight of the show. Her act as Maya is unmatched. Be it the way she looks at Rishi when she gets him out of the water or the way she smudges the cake with her hand, her scenes leave you with a sense of anticipation.

Ashish Chowdhry looks fresh as Mrityunjay Roy, and plays his part convincingly. Even Shivin Narang is confident on-screen, and makes his presence felt. The first episode definitely gets a thumbs-up for its element of mystery and fabulous performances. It remains to be seen how the show fares in the long run.