The Navy's long-term plan is to have 3 aircraft carriers: Navy Chief

NEW DELHI: The Navy is acquiring 41 ships and its long-term plan is to have three, he said Tuesday.

Admiral Singh, speaking at an annual press conference, also assured the nation that the Navy is fully prepared to face national security challenges.

The allocation of the annual budget of the Navy has dropped from 18% to 12% in the last five years, he said.

On the challenges in the neighborhood, he said that no action by any other player in the region should impact us.

We are ready to work with like-minded nations in the region, he said.

Seven to eight Chinese ships are usually present in Indian Ocean region, Admiral Singh observed.

He also said that India is playing a stabilizing role in the region.

When asked about the massive expansion of the Chinese Navy, he said that they are moving at the rate they are capable of and we are moving in the place we are capable of.