The June and Saurav Chatterjee record was a very close affair

Arindam Sil had a blast on saturday at June and Saurav The Chatterjee record. Was a very united affair, where only close friends and relatives were invited. The lighting of the venue was done by PB Chaki and it was a theme party where people from bride’s side had to wear red and friends and relatives from groom’s side wore blue. Ushadi (Uthup) sang romantic songs and we danced along with the bride and the groom. The menu was totally Bangali . There were luchi started bhaja , strain dal posto , bhektir Paturi and kosha Mangsho to name a few. At the reception, which was on Sunday, the menu was north Indian and Chinese and Chaki did the lighting of the venue. It was such a nice moment when June and Saurav danced to the Titanic song. The best part was seeing June ’s son and daughter, both of whom seemed very happy for their mother,” said Sil .

June got married to Saurav Chatterjee on December 1. The actress has been in this relationship for the past 14 years. The couple can’t go for a honeymoon now as June plays one of the lead characters in the serial, Saanjher Bati “My character, Mallika, is an integral part of the story. Then, I shoot almost every day. I got only four days off for my marriage and we both will be back to work after the wedding,” said June with a smile.

“ Saurav and I are the best of friends and we will be so after our marriage too,” she added.