Anger has reached a point where it is difficult not to explode: Chitrangada Satarupa

The shocking rape and murder of a government veterinarian in Hyderabad has shocked the country and many prominent personalities have condemned the heinous crime. The horrible incident has brought back memories of the Nirbhaya case that took place in Delhi in 2012 and shook the nation's conscience. People demand capital punishment for the perpetrators.

Chitrangada actress Satarupa He turned to social networks to vent his anger and wrote: Burn them. Hang them up. Kill them. Many thoughts are being poured into social networks. It is natural to feel angry and frustrated. We are not sure anywhere. Whether in a metropolitan city, whether in a tourist destination, in a town, at work or even at home. Anger has reached a point where it is difficult not to explode. It explodes with such anger that most of us want to burn them alive. But will it burn the mentality or basic perspective of society towards women? Will it ignite basic respect for women in their minds? Is it that soft? The problem is so ingrained that we will have to discover its core to bring some change in the mentality of the mass. Why are these heinous incidents repeated like a loop? Why are so many young people involved in these brutalities? These factors indicate many other problems of our society. (sic)

Chitrangada, who is now in Kolkata, said: My post will not change the mentality of criminals. I know perfectly. What we must do is educate people. People need education, so they become mentally healthy and develop a consciousness that tells them what is right and what is wrong. The problem is deeply rooted. Our sociopolitical scenario also plays an important role. We all need to come ahead To teach these people a lesson.