Bengali television show Hriday Haran B.A. Pass to get out of the air

Dramatic comedy Hriday Haran B.A star, starring Joey Debroy and Roshni Tanwi Bhattacharyya, has tickled the funny bones of Bengali spectators with his humorous history. The program, which launched in August 2018, will end its trip soon, sources suggest. When the small screen is full of daily soaps focused on women, ‘Hriday Haran B.A. Pass was a nice change. It tells the story of Hridoy honest and innocent, also known as Hridey.

Joey made his Bengali television debut with the reality show. Bigg Boss Bangla . ‘Hriday Haran B.A. Pass ’is his first daily soap on Bengali television. The actor, who began his journey in the entertainment world with a Hindu reality show based on acrobatics, became popular as Hriday, also known as Hriday Haran. He shares a good chemistry on screen with Roshni, who plays a happy girl on the show.

Roshni, on the other hand, began his career as a junior artist. ‘Hriday Haran B.A. Pass ’is his first show as a female protagonist. The actress is quite convincing as Pekham.

The story revolves around Hriday, who is a talented but academically weak musician. Hriday's relatives don't give it much importance. To earn money, Hriday starts working as a driver at Pekham's house. Pekham's father wants to marry his daughter with a boy, but she is already in love with an aspiring singer. But just before his wedding, Pekham decides to flee and the story takes a hilarious turn. Pekham's family believes that she ran away with Hriday while her father (Hriday) is furious with him. Unable to discover another way, Hriday leads Pekham to a disaster, which is full of male tenants. Hriday, who slowly falls in love with Pekham, promises to unite her with her boyfriend.

The popular daily soap, which is broadcast at 11 p.m., has a pretty good score on the TRP lists considering its schedule. The show also features Goutam De, Bimal Chakraborty, Rumpa, Suchismita Chowdhury and others.