Parliamentary party meeting: Rajnath Singh talks about Prime Minister Modi's dissatisfaction with absenteeism among BJP parliamentarians

NEW DELHI: The issue of absenteeism among BJP parliamentarians of Parliament was raised at the parliamentary party meeting on Tuesday, with the main leader Rajnath Singh underlining the prime minister Narendra Modi Dissatisfaction with the lack of their adequate presence on many occasions.

According to sources, Singh also asked party parliamentarians to be present in large numbers when Interior Minister Amit Shah presents the Citizenship Bill (Amendment), as he said that this bill is as important as the measure to repeal.

Rejecting criticism from the opposition, which seeks to grant citizenship to Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan if they faced religious persecution there, Singh said the BJP has always worked to unite the country and its people.

Asking BJP parliamentarians to guarantee their presence in Parliament, as they will take key bills in the next few days, he said the prime minister had spoken again and again against absenteeism among parliamentarians, but the problem persists .

The minister of development of women and children, Smriti Irani, in her speech, highlighted the efforts of her ministry in the fight between pregnant women and babies, and said she had organized a record 3.5 lakh events in a month at respect.