5 things you should know about the third battle of 'Panipat'

There were three battles in ' Panipat ', but how Ashutosh Gowariker he points out, we tend to address them collectively, as one. The filmmaker's next story shows the third battle in an attractive way, with songs, romance, drama and action, and Arjun Kapoor block horns with Sanjay Dutt . In the words of Ashutosh, when you have an audiovisual medium to contact, it takes you beyond school books. Three years of research have been dedicated to the project, and here is the reason why he thinks this battle deserved a cinematic show: he left Pune to travel north, covering a distance of 1,000 km to stop the Afghan invading army of a lakh. Nowhere in the world, whether in Europe or in Southeast Asia, has an army traveled

1 The most inspiring thing about the third Battle of 'Panipat' was that an army of 40,000 distance. Most of the battles were at sea or on borders.

2 My protagonist Sadashivrao Bhau He was a General Maratha, a man of brute force and military acumen. He was optimistic and decision maker on the ground. Of course, he was a great warrior, but he was also a compassionate man who knew how to treat the enemy when a battle was won. He only led this entire expedition, gathering the support of several kings along the way, so that the Marathas could show their strength to the Afghan king Ahmad Shah Abdali.

3 My antagonist, Ahmad Shah Abdali, was also a strong military strategist. Every time a stranger invaded India, he had to cross five rivers along the way and when he returned. This needed some experience because every time, I had to build a bridge over the rivers. That Abdali led eight invasions proved his dominance. A persecution occurred between the two armies along the Yamuna River, which is important for this battle.

4 What made this battle unique was that it was fought in a single day. It started in the morning of January 14, 1761, at Panipat and ended at sunset. The loss of lives on both sides was a lakh. In this it was next to the battle at Kurukshetra , the difference being that the Mahabharata is mythology while the third Battle of Panipat happened 200-300 years ago and changed perceptions across India.

5 If we had been more united, this invasion might never have happened. But the Marathas fought so intensely that Abdali never returned to Hindustan. So, although the battle was lost, it was a victory of a different kind because the invasions stopped.