Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah Update, December 2: Bapu ji scolds Jethalal for not receiving his specifications on time

In the last episode of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah , Jethalal finish the work and will pick up Bapu hee Chashmah Mahal's glasses. He orders Baga and Nattu Kaka to close the store on time.

He reaches Chashmah Mahal but the owner tells him that the specs are not ready. Jethalal argues with him and asks him to return the money but the owner tells him he will deduct Rs 500 and then return. Jethalal gets angry and worries what Bapu hee will say.

Another person comes to the shop asking for his specs and the owner once again says they are not ready. Jethalal realises he has been duped and he takes his money after deduction and goes to Chaman Lal optician.

Jethalal requests the owne to make the specs now but the latter refuses. I have requests a lot. The owner comes to know he is Champak Lal Gada's son. He readily agrees to make the specs and also promises to deliver them at his home by next morning.

Jethalal requests him to give one pair today but the owner tells him had he given him the specs in the morning, he would have definitely got it made but now it is late. Jethalal feels sad and after making the payment, he leaves the shop.

Bapu hee calls Jethalal and asks him about his specs. Jethalal narrates the entire incident. Bapu hee gets upset with Jethalal and scolds him for being so careless.

At home, Bapu hee asks Bhide to take him to the market as he has to buy a BP monitoring machine for his friend.

Bhide asks him to avoid since he is not using specifications too. But Champak chacha ji doesn't listen and insists on going to the market. Bhide agrees to take chacha ji to the market.