This is how Adah Sharma's director-grandmother reacted after the actress abandoned her studies halfway

Adah Sharma She is one of those actresses who abandoned her studies halfway to enter the world of entertainment. Adah only studied until the tenth grade, who also did her home schooling thanks to her grandmother. She remembers: When I decided not to continue studying, my grandmother got scared. Reason, she is a school principal. What also surprised her is the fact that I obtained a very high percentage in my tenth grade. I had headed the subject, Marathi. I was a good student. It was only for his grandmother who studied alone at home later. She says: I studied psychology at home. My grandmother also bought me 11th, 12th and 13th grade books. I studied them at home, but did not take the exams. He also adds: It was before taking my final exam. Exams during the tenth grade I told my parents that I am giving them the exams, but that would be all. The actress is happy that her parents understood her feelings and accepted her decision. Ask Adah what her plans were and she says: At that time I wanted to start as a ramp model. I also told my parents that I can dance and act, toh kuch toh thousand hi jayega, in Bollywood.