VB Chandrasekhar's family will continue to own the TNPL franchise

CHENNAI VB Kanchi Veerans will continue to appear in the Tamil Nadu Premier League (TNPL) despite uncertainties about its future after the death of its owner VB Chandrasekhar in August

However, it was learned that the family of the former TN star was willing to continue with the franchise and already informed the TNPL governing council and Tamil Nadu Cricket Association (TNCA) about its decision.

The family would have always made the final decision on whether they wanted to continue with the franchise or sell it and TNCA was never going to interfere. In fact, there were also potential buyers for the franchise. But then we are glad that VB the family has decided to continue with the franchise. In a way, they keep VB's memory alive, a source close to the events told TOI.

He also revealed that VB Kanchi Veerans might appoint some former TN player of VB's stature to run the show. VB used to be a very hands-on owner. Kanchi Veerans will need someone to match VB's capabilities in order to manage the team, the source said.

Interestingly, police had said that VB had committed suicide after struggling to pay off loans taken from several banks to run the team's operations without problems. VB had purchased the Tiruvallur franchise for Rs 3.48 million rupees in 2016 and had to pay an annual franchise fee of the same amount each year. He also had to bear the annual operating cost of more than Rs 80 lakhs, including player fees, accommodation and travel costs.