Choti Sardarni Update, December 2: Can Meher erase Sarab's name?

The last episode of Choti Sardarni starts with Meher hit one of the thugs and pick up the gun.

She asks the goons to keep their hands raised or else she will shoot them. Seeing the right opportunity Meher closes the door and runs to save her life.

On the other hand, Param he sees a nightmare about his father and rises from his sleep. Harleen tries to calm him down and says that she will not let anything happen to his father. Param tells Harleen that everyone is saying his father killed Meher mumma. Harleen tells Param that all of this is not true and they will find his Meher mumma soon.

Sarab is facing harsh treatment at police treatment. The police brutally beat him and asks why did he kill his wife. Sarab remembers the promise he made to Meher and doesn’t tell the truth to the police.

At the press conference, Harleen tells the media that Sarab will not resign from his post because he is innocent. The same moment, Kulwant along with her sons interrupt the conference and says that Sarab is Meher ’s murderer. She then shows media mail which Sarab has sent to his assistant.

Kulwant says that Sarab will have to resign from his post and says that she will make sure that he does.

In Serbia, Meher is being chased by the goons. She while running stops the car and asks them for a lift.

Harleen tells the media that she tender Sarab’s resignation on his behalf. The press asks her if she would take her brother’s position. Harleen refuses to answer the question.

Harleen tells Kulwant that she will never be able to forgive her for what she just did. She then tells Kulwant that the investigator has found an estate through which Sarab bought a house in Serbia and that the investigator found some of Meher's clothes in the house.

Meher thinks that she will have to make a phone call in India as she cannot let Sarab get arrested. She finds an Indian woman and requests to her if she can make a phone call. But that woman refuses to give her phone saying that she cannot take the risk of letting a stranger make the phone call.