The Navy removes a suspicious Chinese vessel from the Indian waters

NEW DELHI: In a significant development, he recently ejected a suspicious Chinese vessel operating in Indian waters nearby Port blair .

The was carrying out research activities in the Indian waters near Port blair in Andaman and Nicobar Islands and was detected by maritime surveillance planes operating there, government sources told ANI.

The sources said that the ship could also have been used by the Chinese to spy on Indian activities in the territory of the island from where India can closely monitor maritime movements in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR) and Southeast Asian region.

After the ship was detected by the agencies and discovered that it was carrying out research activities in the Exclusive Economic Zone of India, an Indian Navy warship was sent to monitor it.

Since the laws do not allow foreign countries to conduct research or exploration activities in the Exclusive Economic Zone of India (EEZ), the navy ship of the Indian Navy asked the Chinese research vessel to leave the waters from India

After being warned by the Indian Navy, the Chinese ship Shi Yan 1 abandoned the waters of India and probably moved to its other destination to China, the sources said.

The Indian Navy keeps a constant vigil on the Chinese vessels which enter the Indian Ocean Region from the Malacca Straits near the Indian Navy's area of responsibility.

Recently, the Indian Navy's P-8I maritime surveillance aircraft had detected seven Chinese Navy warships operating in and around the Indian Ocean Region.

ANI first reported on the constant monitoring capabilities of the Indian Navy with exclusive images of the Chinese landing platform Dock Xian-32.

The P-8I anti-submarine warplane and long-range surveillance aircraft had clicked on the images and constantly tracked the activities and movements of Chinese ships while operating here.

The Chinese Navy frequently enters Indian waters with the stated objective of conducting anti-piracy patrols, but the Indian side does not buy this completely since Chinese warships are accompanied by nuclear and conventional submarines that make no sense in anti-piracy operations.