Agra: a young man enters the police station after consuming poison to confess the murder of his girlfriend and dies

AGRA: Two days after a 19-year-old girl was found dead with her throat cut inside an abandoned structure, a young man arrived at the Kheragarh police station after consuming poison and confessed to the crime. The young man then succumbed on the way to the hospital.

Identified as (21) of the Morena district, the man arrived at the police station around 6.30 p.m. According to police sources, the young man possibly consumed what he bought from Mathura.

In a one-minute video filmed by a policeman before the death of the young man, who was admitted to SN Medical College, the man allegedly confessed that he cut the victim's throat (Gauri) with a knife while she avoided committing suicide with him. .

Heth Singh Tomar came from the village of Chhichhawali in the police jurisdiction of Dimini, Morena district.

According to police sources, Heth contacted Gauri after his older sister married the victim's neighbor in the village of Khakegad of the Kheragarh police jurisdiction in Agra.

Heth began making frequent visits to Gauri on the pretext of meeting his sister. He also bought a mobile phone from Gauri to keep in touch. But a few months ago, the girl came into contact with another young man and began interacting with him. , which angered Heth. The startled lover confronted Gauri and called her to a ruined structure next to the elementary school on November 30 in the morning. He asked Gauri to commit suicide along with him to show love, but the girl backed away and Heth cut off Gauri. throat, said a senior police officer.

Then he fled to Morena, but as soon as he learned that the police were looking for him, he was gone. The defendant returned to Agra on Monday night through Mathura. He entered the Kheragarh police station after consuming his position and confessed his crime, the police officer said.

Heth was the second youngest among five brothers.

The body has been sent for autopsy.

Police are now scanning CCTV images of the police station and another area, to find out if someone helped him get to the police station after consuming poison.

Police superintendent (rural west) Ravi Kumar said: Heth arrived at the police station drinking poisonous substances in a bottle of drinking water. He started shouting that he had killed my love Gauri. The police were looking for him in the murder of Gauri, but he was leaking. Your body has been sent for your self-position.

On November 30, Gauri left her house at around 5.30 in the morning, but did not return even after more than an hour, forcing her family members to take care of her. They found his body in a pool of blood, with two slit marks on his neck with a sharp knife.

According to police, Heth threw the knife into a nearby pond.

Basai Kheragarh gram pradhan Rambeti's son Mukesh Singh told TOI: Gauri's father is a humble farmer, a week ago his mother was diagnosed with cancer in Jaipur. It was the victim's teenage neighbor who saw the body in the ruined structure.

The mobile phone given by Heth was recovered from the victim's underwear. On Saturday, police had filed a murder FIR against an unknown person.

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