Not a single rupee of the Maharashtra government returned to the Center: Fadnavis

MUMBAI: A new political dispute broke out here on Monday when BJP hastened to dismiss a claim made by its own deputy and former Union minister, Anantkumar Hegde, who was appointed chief minister for 80 hours despite the lack of majority alone to protect Rs 40,000 crore from the center funds from misuse by a government Shiv Sena-NCP-Congress.

Even when the opposition broke out, Fadnavis and the BJP himself arrested the controversial parliamentarian. A senior BJP leader in Delhi described the comments as unnecessary and added that Hegde will be transmitted the disgust of leadership. Fadnavis, now opposition leader, described his party colleague's statements as absurd and 100% unfounded and completely refuted him.

Hegde had said at a meeting in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka: It was completely planned before. Once we knew (about three parties that formed the government) it was decided that a drama would be performed. Adjustments were made and an oath was taken, and in 15 hours, Fadnavis systematically made sure that (the money) got to where he had to do it and protected him.

The deputy of the Seine, Sanjay Raut, described it as treason and betrayal of Maharashtra, and Nawab Malik of NCP said that if Hegde was believed, it will have serious consequences and will result in PM Narendra Modi Renounce as the flames of this will spread throughout the country.

A senior bureaucrat in Mumbai described Hegde's claim as incorrect. We've seen Mr. Hegde's statement, it's incorrect and false, he said.

Not a single rupee of the Maharashtra government returned to the Center: Fadnavis

Although Hegde did not mention any particular project, Fadnavis did and said: “A central government company is implementing the bullet train project, where the role of the Maharashtra government is limited to land acquisition. Neither the Center requested funds nor the Maharashtra government sent them back ... Not a single rupee of the Maharashtra government has been returned to the Center from any other project. ”

Hegde, known for his controversial statements, said: “You all know that our man in Maharashtra became CM for 80 hours. Then Fadnavis resigned. Why did you do this drama? Didn't we know we didn't have a majority and yet it became CM? A prime minister has access to around Rs 40,000 crore from the Center. I knew that if the government of Congress-NCP-Shiv Sena comes to power, I would misuse development funds. ”

In his refusal, Fadnavis said: I have not made any policy decision during my tenure as a CM or as a CM caregiver. Those who ignore the accounting systems of the state centers make misleading statements. I call on the state finance department to investigate the problem and present the truth to the people. ”

NCP spokesperson Malik said if Hegde’s claim is true, Narendra Modi must resign. “We feel that is part of the damage control exercise of BJP. Our information is that no such funds can be returned after they are accounted with the state government. If it is established that indeed Fadnavis returned the funds to the Center, it’s a serious matter and it will have nationwide impact, particularly on the non-BJP ruled governments, ”he said.