Lost ashram woman offer: release two yoginis, it will appear

AHMEDABAD: Fifteen days in the Ahmedabad rural police investigation of the case of two missing sisters from Nithyananda In the ashram of Yogini Sarvajnapeetham in Hirapur, the elder sister (20) spoke for the first time with a police officer by telephone. She told police that she and her sister (18) would return to India from Trinidad only if the two arrested yoginis were released.

An official from the Ahmedabad rural police said they talked to the older sister on Sunday night. “We sent him a message through social networks, asking him to talk to us. Then he called us on the Internet using a South Korean proxy server, ”said the official.

“She told us that she is 20 years old and that her sister is also an adult, and that they don't want to return to India or meet her father. She expressed fear that her father would kidnap them and kill them, ”said the official.

The official said they promised the sisters police protection from the moment they landed in the country, until their appearance before the high court of Gujarat for the petition of habeas corpus presented by their father, who is from Tamil Nadu, until the moment They leave the country or the state. Where they want to go.

She established a condition that cannot be met. He insisted that yoginis, Maa Nithya Pranpriya, 30, and Riddhi Ravikumar, alias Maa Priyatattva Nanda, 24, who were recently arrested after being accused of illegal confinement and child abuse in the ashram, are released. He also said that the yoginis had not confined anyone in the ashram, ”he said.

When asked about their location, he said he is in Trinidad and that the police could go there and search for them.

I reiterated that they would be kidnapped, killed

When we asked her address, she did not send it, ”said the official, adding that it seemed that she did not want to come to India, as she kept reiterating that she would be killed if she came here.

Investigation in the case began after a Tamil Nadu man, a former disciple of Nithyananda’s, approached Vivekananadnagar police alleging that his two adult daughters were missing from the ashram and his two minor children were illegally confined there. The two minors were later freed, but the whereabouts of his adult daughters could not be ascertained. He then filed a habeas corpus petition in the Gujarat high court.