Goa gets the best of jazz at this music festival

the Indian Jazz Circuit held at the Goa International Center in Dona Paula over the weekend proved to be a baller time for people of all ages. the event saw international as well as local artistes from across the jazz spectrum perform several diverse acts in contemporary jazz . While a plethora of music al acts took centre stage, the event also offered a host of other exciting experiences including a bustling flea market, a vibrant food court and an array of art and craft work. the music featured bands like the Great Harry Hillman, a swiss post- jazz quartet that have been playing for the last 10 years. Their music that combined Jazz and rock got the crowd grooving endlessly! “We’re touring in India right now and it’s our first time in Goa. the crowd was amazing and so relaxed!” says David Koch the band’s guitarist. the Shuffle Demons a high energy Canadian band that blends virtuosic jazz and funk playing had the entire crowd captivated as well. the minute they took to stage people from across the venue were charged up. Their catchy music , costumes and antics certainly had the crowd shuffling! Other acts included Dainius Pulauskas Group, the Macha Gharibian Trio, Simon Thacker, Karan Khosla & Co, the Turbans as well as Monoswezi who had a lot of showcased some dance moves and ensured the crowd joined them as well. the Goa Jazz Academy also put up an exhilarating performance.

the music ians ensured the crowd was on their feet at all times. the venue was packed with people, young and old having a gala time with their friends and families. Children were seen dancing alongside their parents while many others relaxed at the tables and enjoyed their food and the soulful music .

“I played alongside the Shuffle Demons back in 2005 and the fact that they remembered after all these years was amazing! Jazz is not new to me. I’ve been coming here right from the very beginning! Jazz is growing and has definitely become a popular genre in Goa!" says Armando Gonsalves. Several people have been attending the event since its inception while quite a few were present for the first time. “This was my first time here. While I’ve never really listened to jazz before, the music has definitely changed my mind!” says Adisha, a college student.