God save India's economy: Chidambaram on BJP MP's GDP comment

NEW DELHI: On Tuesday, the main leader of Congress and former finance minister, P Chidambarm, investigated the BJP on the statements of his deputy Nishikant Dubey that GDP has no relevance, saying God save India's economy.

By participating in a discussion in Lok Sabha about the Draft Law on the Amendment of the Tax Law and a legal resolution that disapproves the ordinance on the same legislation, Dubey had said that the gross domestic product (GDP) has no relevance and should not be treated as 'Bible, Ramayan and Mahabharat'.

GDP numbers are irrelevant, personal taxes will be reduced, import tariffs will be increased. These are the ideas of BJP reforms. God save India's economy, said Chidambaram, who is in jail in connection with cases of corruption and money laundering. Cheep.

The main spokesman of the Congress, Randeep Surjewala, also criticized Dubey for his comments, saying that God saved the people from the novice economists of New India.