UP: Stalker cuts the girl's throat, enters the police station after consuming poison, dies

AGRA: Two days after a 19-year-old girl was found dead with her throat cut inside an abandoned building, a young man arrived at the Kheragarh police station after consuming poison and confessed to killing the girl. The young man died later on his way to the hospital. Identified as Heth Singh Tomar (21) of the Morena district, the victim arrived at the police station around 6:30 p.m. According to police sources, the young man possibly consumed pesticides that he bought from Mathura.

In a one-minute video filmed by a policeman before the death of the young man, who admitted to SN Medical College, the man allegedly confessed that he cut the victim's neck while she avoided committing suicide along with him.

According to police, Tomar contacted the girl after her older sister married the victim's neighbor in the Khakegad village of the Kheragarh police jurisdiction in Agra .

It is not clear if the two were ever in a relationship, but Tomar began to stalk and threaten the girl after she allegedly came into contact with another boy and began to ignore him. He later called her to a deserted building and told her to consume poison she rejected. Then he cut off his neck and fled.

Police superintendent (rural west) Ravi Kumar said: Heth arrived at the police station after they put a poisonous substance mixed with water. He started shouting 'I killed my love Gauri'. He was wanted by the police in the murder of Gauri, but was to escape. His body has been sent to autopsy.

On video: