Bigg Boss Kannada Update 7, Day 51: Raju Talikote is the new captain

In the last episode of Season 7 of Bigg Boss Kannada, Harish imitates actor Dr. Rajkumar and talks to the pressure cooker since none of the housemates is with him.

Priyanka is upset with Bhoomi and shares it with Prathap. She shares how Bhoomi's behavior towards her has changed, to which Prathap advises her to ignore it.

Bigg Boss announces the task of captaincy. Priyanka, Raju and Deepika participate in it. According to the task, the trio is asked to break the chips by throwing a strong ball that is given to them. Raju manages to break it first and emerges as the new captain of the house.

When the housemates are sitting in the living room and have some free time, Chaithra Kotoor talks about the incidents of the previous weeks and demands an explanation from the inmates for always choosing their names.

Vasuki tries to explain the same thing and does everything possible for her to understand. In a surprising turn of events, some of the housemates unite against it and engage in a verbal dispute.

Raju Talakoti, the captain intervenes and solves the problem.

Bigg Boss later announces the luxury budget task and asks Raju to name two inmates as captains of each team. Raju nominates Priyanka and Chandana.

Priyanka and Chandana are asked to visit the confession room and are asked to choose a flower that stays in front of them. Priyanka chooses red lilies while Chandana chooses the yellow ones.

On the other hand, the remaining contestants also receive flowers. Priyanka and Chandana look at them from the confession room. Bigg Boss also asks the contestants to choose their choice of flowers and then informs their teammates according to the color of the flowers.

After this, the teams prepare for the task. Bhoomi advises Chandana to be a good captain and also the guide.

The task has an advantage. Some of the classmates will have the privilege of receiving letters from their family members if their team members completed the task.

At the end of the day, Deepika, Bhoomi, Chandhan and Raju Talakoti receive letters from their relatives when they successfully complete the task.